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How To Be Unicorn Happy

Simple steps to help boost your happiness!

Join Vincent Vincent – author of “You Are A Unicorn” – on a journey to find more happiness. “How To Be Unicorn Happy” is packed with ways to introduce more happiness into each day, along with inspirational thoughts, quotes and practical exercises to help you increase the joy and positivity in your life – and live every day like a unicorn!

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Unicorn Happiness Journal

Find more happy in every day!

Join Vincent Vincent – author of the internationally successful “You Are A Unicorn” – on a fun, journaling journey to help you find more happiness in every day.

The perfect companion for “The Little Book Of Unicorn Happiness” (Vincent’s first book published on Kindle), the Unicorn Happiness Journal is packed with inspirational thoughts and prompts to help you find more happiness through writing, drawing, list-making and more!

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You Are A Unicorn!

The fun creative journal for everyone!

Prepare to unlock your imagination with 156 pages of amazing activities designed to release your creativity, encourage mindfulness and boost your positivity! You Are A Unicorn is packed with awesome prompts that will help you write, doodle, create and clip-clop your way to happiness. What will it reveal about you? There’s only one way to find out. Just pick up a pencil, take a break from your busy day, and get ready to release your inner unicorn!

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